Self-hosted Tamil blogs

Self-hosted Tamil blogs of individuals:

* தமிழ் சசி
* மயூரேசன்
* விக்கி
* வெங்கட்
* அருட்பெருங்கோ
* ரவி
* எஸ். கே
* பாலசந்தர் முருகானந்தம்.
* ஆமாச்சு
* நந்தா
* ப்ரியன்
* ஊரோடி
* பத்மா அரவிந்த்
* செல்வராஜ்
* சுப்புடு
* காசி ஆறுமுகம்
* அருண்
* குரல்வலை
* அருட்பெருங்கோ
* சயந்தன்

This post is for documentation purposes, so that newbies can refer their sites for design inspirations and consult them for help.

Tamil Blogs statistics

Statistics from , leading Tamil blogs aggregating portal. Accessed on June 15th 2007.

Total blogs listed : 1944
Posts in last one month : 4578
Posts in last one week : 1008
Posts in last 24 hours : 138
Average number of posts per day: 153

Well this could reflect 98% scenario of Tamil blogosphere as there are very less number of blogs not aggregated by Thamizmanam.

Positive impact of Tamil blogs:

1. People who might otherwise not write Tamil in their life ever, even in paper, have started writing in Tamil. Mainly the Non-resident Tamils. And they write better Tamil than that found in TN mass media. Tamil blogs play a major role in kindling people’s curiosity to learn Tamil typing in computers.
2. An open environment and equal chance to discuss sensitive and taboo Tamilnadu issues which is not possible in mass media.
3. Register of thoughts, news, events, places, topics hitherto not covered by Tamil mass media. From Newzealand to nano technology, now we can get to read through Tamil blogs.
4. Wider and faster Coverage of News. Movie reviews, Calamities get reported the moment they happen.
5. Social networking of world wide Tamils.
6. Chance to meet popular writers through blogs.