Meet Dr.Burn

If you didn’t know yet who he is, listen to the O Nenje song from Sivi. Actually, he is part of the Malaysian Indian Tamil Rap Group Yogi B Natchatra which made the sensational vallavan album.

I don’t what his real name is. I liked the interview as it was straight from the heart.

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  1. u dont actually think the guy by that nick of “YOGI B” is the real yogi b rite?


  2. hi a big n gila2 fan of u…i just a have small next birth can i b ur sister or ur crush if u like?????????????/ok……takecare always..can i col u brother????????miz u…take care.bye.luv uuuuuuu


  4. Hai,iam loveable songwriter in various tunes n singging is also my passion.
    is ther any chances to work with DR.BURN-YOGI B TEAM to make my poemsongs my wellknown by his tunes by JOIN FEAT UP my voice!i i wanna work out with thm really
    by this yr soon bt unable to meet up thm.
    Is ther any chances to meet n talk/gather up?
    mailme ASAP BRO!
    i appriciate urs “landing support” as apart of Artists,

  5. hi, me 4rm kuala selangor i’m ur gilla gilla fan,
    i’m just 15, i like the way ur wrap in tamil, it’ like
    a poem, cn i get ur e-mel add, bcoz i want u 2 do
    a show in ma bro’s 21’st b’day,
    and another request, i’m n ma fren tva have wish,
    that we wan 2 be ur ‘shishiyen’ in future,,,,,,
    tat’z all hope u will b’cm mr famous in universe level,

  6. hi man whatzz up i like ur songs its amazing iam proud to see a indian rapping and i to trying to be a greater rapper……………………….. bye

  7. dr.burn,im LPG here you know me rite that day
    i messaged and called you.
    as you know im in a process of doing album
    i nid a favour from you which is in terms of beats
    i wanna do a beat with you
    please reply and sms to my number bro
    0167220853 (new)
    and like i told you before im doing tamil hip hop rap album bro
    my previous hp number is 0143159175 (old)
    im using both numbers but frequent to the 016 number
    please sms me ok thank you

  8. Hi,Dr.Burn

    Hi, Dr.Burn
    I am your die heard fan….and I really wane know whether you & your team will performed in wedding reception …please reply
    if yes I really want you to perform in my wedding reception

  9. Hye dr.burn. You rocked malaysian world.
    All ur songs in zurazamharam were cool. Congrats and good luck…The best rapper in malaysia….
    Ps reply me….

  10. hi honey… ur doin great… lots of kisses 4 u… rock d world as u always do… well m actually lukin 4 a chance to be a singer… i noe whnm u read tis u’ll tink tat i cnt sing well.. bt actually i can.. i wana do a duet with u…

    1. pfffffffff !!!! burn wife ???????? ta fumer quoi ?

      I like u so much dr burn, i am only one fan in france But i am so sad onode songs download paneredeke it’s to difficulte. virus attack avude but irudalon i have you all songs. lol
      can u produise you album in france. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
      i want buy original CD not download in internet.
      Bonne chance my dear dr burn.

  11. hai,im vinesh im a poor boy but when the album ‘VALLVAN’ i sell food 2 people n save money 2 buy the cd.if i get a chance i want 2 meet dr.burn,yogi-b,emcee jazz,2 pray n 2 be like them.their song fantastinc,pls listen………

    1. u said u r a poor boy..den y u shud waste ol of ur energy n tym 2 buy dis wasting ting..reli stupid..if u r a poor boy,u cn save dat money n giv it 2 ur fmly or jz make a saving..u r really stupid…do u tink dis cd r more imptnt den ur fmly conditions? get off…

  12. hai,im vinesh im a poor boy but when the album ‘VALLVAN’cd came i sell food 2 people n save money 2 buy the cd.if i get a chance i want 2 meet dr.burn,yogi-b,emcee jazz,2 pray n 2 be like them.their song fantastic,pls listen………dr.burn iwan 2 cu pls lah annepls,pls,pls,pls…

  13. Hi Dr B, i become ur fan when i watched OH NENJE-SIVI. Then to support ur talents especially being an indian, i bought ur cd. Hope to talk u, pls mail me. If u r free. God bles!

  14. Heyya,Dr.Burn so hw r u???Hope u r doin’ fine…..Guess 1thing every1 in our family likez u knw, especially me…GUESS IM H’VIN MEGA CRUSH ON U…BT IM JUZ 18.If u dun mind,cn i knw watz ur real name plzzz n please mail me n also add me in ma frenster…… k vaa
    remember 2 add me k….bye n may god bless u alwayz n forever….. see u.

  15. hi burn anne hw r u?i’m big fan of urz.i like 2 hear to ur song.i hope u will create new album more.

  16. hi bro….add me in facebook…actually i m ur great fan…if i m a lucky the next birth..i wish i will be ur sis…actually i also like hip hop n i also know how 2 rap…but no idea 2 show…

  17. hi bro.. i like ur songs its amazing and i to trying to be a greater .. ur tamil words r sooo gud n nice.. i like ur song… every moment i listen ur song n also u… i always sing ur song with my fren n relation.. i also want be tamil rapper like u bro.. ur the best tamil rapper in malaysia… i love u bro…

  18. hi dr burn..

    am ur fan… would like to have contact wit u… i kno someone tat look a like u in penang…

    pls reply me or add me in facebook (jennyfer beatrice)

  19. hey u guys,i dono wats so special in dr.burn’s voice…in case,cn any1 tel me hw does dis guy get a DOCTOR honour..who givs him d name dr.burn..4 ol ur info,dr is given 2 physician whom achieve MBBS qualification OR sum1 whom really qualify 2 bcum a leader sch as DOCTOR MAHATHIR…den,hw shud he s been given d precious honour of ‘DOCTOR’..n i dono wats so special in his voice…its ol rubbish…he’s nt A.R. RAHMAN,SPB, KATHIK, HARISH,or any1 else..via his dumb voice,it reli disturb my mud if i heard bout dis rubbish guy..y dis guy olwiz wan 2 shout in his song? doesnt he noe bout music? reli case,im wasting my tym nw wif writing in dis blog..reli rubbish…i hate it..get off…

  20. fuck dr.burn..u dono anyting bout music..juz noe hw 2 shout…motherfucker…jz get off and dun kill music..ur voice luks exactly lik buffalo voice..u r a RUBBISH..

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