How to make Windows run faster?

To make Windows run faster, FORMAT your hard disk and load any Linux OS ! Serious !

My Windows was damn slow. I tried uninstalling unwanted softwares, clearing the start-up programs, clearing the system tray, running spybots, defragmenting disks, cleaning up disks. But nothing helped much. Got annoyed to see even My computer taking minutes to load I decided to format my hard disk. Only when i decided to format the system, I realised how much crap, junk I have loaded in it. My backup was not more than 8 GB and few MB of essential programs.

Already I was familiar with Ubuntu 7.04 . Now i installed it too in dual boot allotting more partition space for it. Only after re-installing Windows I realised how faster it can be without all these junk programs. I need windows only to run my research software. Apart from that all other activities can be done in Ubuntu. So I intend to keep Windows this way without loading any new programs. It is better faster, safer than being bulky and it will be a REAL “computer”for my computing needs in research. Even if I need to use some like skype sometimes, I intend to have the skype.exe file stored in a CD and install it every time i use it (once in a month?!) and then erase it from the system.

Next I need to format and re-install two more messy things – 1. My Room – One of my friends from spain is visiting me next week. 2. My life !! Its not gonna be as easy as formatting the system 🙂 !!!