Android Jelly Bean support for Tamil and Indic languages




Android Jelly Bean support for display of Tamil and Indic languages scores a perfect 100/100.

Please let me know if you would like to check anything specifically.

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15 responses to “Android Jelly Bean support for Tamil and Indic languages”

  1. That’s great news…Hope I’ll get an update for my Nexus S soon.

  2. Awesome. For the first time they have Tamil font in the JB Emulator. so as I expected it works like magic.. way to go Google <3

  3. Santhosh Guru Avatar
    Santhosh Guru

    Does it also have a native Tamil keyboard? I badly miss it. (I have been using Samsung’s version of Android in Galaxy phones which support Tamil BTW)

    1. No, Santhosh. No inbuilt option for Tamil interface and Tamil input. Not even for Hindi.

      1. Hindi UI is included along with input. You can observer the changes if you change the language to Hindi in settings. I mean there is a default Hindi keyboard is shipped along with Android OS 4.1. I have tested it in Android Emulator.

      2. Hindi UI is included along with input. You can observe the changes if you change the language to Hindi in settings. I mean there is a default Hindi keyboard is shipped along with Android OS 4.1. I have tested it in Android Emulator.

        please check out following tweet.

      3. You can use Multiling app for virtual keyboards for most indic languages. Check this news BTW, I am the chair for the WG on indic virtual standards. Request all interested people to join the WG( and contribute.

  4. Glad to see finally Android is reaching fulsome support. But like to know the following:

    1. How is the state of Tamil support it in any of the free (as in free lunch) office suites such as Kingsoft Office / King Office (International), Polaris, Olive or any other ?

    2. In my Samsung S2 with Gingerbread it was possible to switch between different IMEs by pressing in a Text input area. But in all my ICS updates that facility is not available – now only way is to go to settings a set the keyboard we want as default every time we want to switch another IME! How is it in Jellybeans?

    1. Narayanan Avatar

      I happen to be at Gdays in chennai during which I witnessed the presenter (Vaideeswarn Sethuraman) announcing features of Jelly Bean. While doing so, he said Tamil support was provided in all aspects other than input. He demonstrated Tamil content in web, SMS, contacts and in files.

      Soon after, I tried to play with JB in emulator. I am able to read a UTF8 text file in Tamil with proper rendering, which I wasn’t able to do in ICS. In ICS, proper Tamil rendering was done only through WebKit (i.e. viewed as HTML content). But in JB I was able to view the file out of browser as well. I was able to read Tamil SMS etc.

      However, the King Office app did not render Tamil conjunct characters properly. I think it is an issue with the app only because the text file which I tried was displaying properly in Moon+ Ebook reader and the same text file did not display properly in King office.

      Regarding your 2nd point, yes, long press on text input area does not provide any option for changing IME. But the standard keyboard that appeared has “…” on “,” key and on long press of it, IME option is displayed.


  5. Arun Nishore Avatar
    Arun Nishore

    I have ported Jelly Bean to my desire HD and I am glad that it is supporting Tamil at interface levels and I am very happy with the tamil visai keyboard. Even I created couple of apps using tamil web feeds. But I have issue where in some apps like twitter the sentence is not broken properly and some words at the end of sentence is missing…Twitter being one example. Any idea on how to fix it?

  6. suman kumar Avatar
    suman kumar


    I am running JB on emulator (4.1). I am unable to see tamil in the “settings” -> “Lang and input” -> “Language”. Please tell how to enable them.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. In jellybean, if I want to select a one line of text I am unable to select last character from selector (unable to pull it to end of line).but it works fine if I select multiple lines.. Appreciate your comments(am new to android)

  8. Hi,
    I do not find the Tamil option in JB language settings. Is there an option to have Tamil UI in JB without rooting, kindly explain.

    Sriram SR

  9. kartheesan Avatar

    dear, i have LAVA tablel 4.1.1 jellybeam android. it display tamil fonts, but i want type the tamil font. keybords showing only englisah, how to change tha tamil please help me

  10. santhana paul Avatar
    santhana paul

    Sir I have LG L5 II E455 Jelly bean 4.1 android phone, it doesnot tamil font. wat can i do????