Bruno brought to my notice that there is something fishy about the IIT seats being left unfilled.

This seems like a big scandal and completely insane !!

The people at the IIT admission committee don’t seem to know how to implement reservation or they don’t want to !

This is how reservation works:

The eligibility marks in Maths, Physics, Chemistry are 5, 0 and 3. Those who got more than eligibility marks can all apply to get admitted.

Say, we have totally 100 seats. and 20 for Open competition, 40 for OBC, 40 For SC-ST (just some random percents)

Top 20 rankers (including OBC, SC-ST not just FC) will get admitted into the 20 seats for Open competetion. The aggregate score of the 20th person will be the cut-off for Open competition. You should note that the cut-off is an incidental score set by the 20th person.

Then the next 40 seats are filled by the next 40 Top ranking OBC. even if the 40th person got just 5, 0, 3 the minimum eligible mark, he deserves to get the seat filled. He doesn’t need to have a top score.

…and the procedure continues for SC-ST.

No one fixes the cut-off first. It gets automatically fixed when the seats are filled. It can only be known after all seats are filled and serves as an indication for next year candidates how much they may need to score to get admitted in their quota.

fixing the cut-off mark first and driving away prospective students from each quota and proposing to merge these seats to common pool and get some more FC getting added is plain cheating.

For anyone who follows TNPCEE procedure, we expect that the cut-off marks for Open competetion, OBC, SC-ST should be really distinct and significantly lesser than Open competetion.

This is how reservation should work.