Tamil writers websites

Some of the Tamil writers websites and blogs :

1. Paamaran

2. Charu

3. Maalan

4. Jeyamohan

5. Sudhangan

6. Pa. Raaghavan

7. S. Ramakrishnan

8. Era. Murukan

9. A. Muttulingam

Please let me know if I have missed some well known Tamil writers’ web sites and blogs. Thanks.

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What I use / recommend

  • Browser – Firefox and Google Chrome – Free, customisable, stable, fast, portable, secure, cross-platform and more advantages. Firefox is becoming a lot slower these days. So, I am moving towards Chrome more often.
  • Operating system – Ubuntu 12.04 – Free, fast, stable, secure (no virus!), frequent updates & upgrades, works even in outdated hardware, outstanding community support.
  • Office Software – 1. Google Docs and Spreadsheets – simple, free, online. 2. Open Office – Free, updated always, better than MS office in many ways.
  • Blogging Software – WordPress – Free, best in the trade, outstanding community feel and support, numerous themes and plugins.
  • Mediaplayer – VLC – Free, plays 99% of the media files you would give it, cross-platform.
  • Tamil Typing utility – eKalappai, TamilvisaiTamil99 keyboard – The best way to do it. Don’t go for anything else.
  • Mail – Gmail – Best search for mails, conversational view, integration with gtalk, no spam, 20 MB attachments, recent conversations, labels
  • Chat – Google Talk – Integrated with Gmail, Clutter-free interface
  • Photo sharing, viewing – Picasa
  • Feed Reader – Google Reader
  • Tamil news – Thatstamil – For Dinathanthi type masala news, updated often
  • Encyclopedia – Wikipedia
  • Dictionary – Dictionary.com
  • Tamil Dictionaries – Madras university Lexicon, Tamil virtual University
  • Search – Google