Tamil computing needs.

  • A free and robust optical character recognition software. The one we have now, Ponvizhi, is inadequate.
  • A text-to-voice converter for Tamil to help blind and dumb people.
  • A voice-to-text converter for Tamil to help deaf people.
  • A spell checker module – both online and off line.
  • A Multilingual-Tamil- Multilingual dictionary module – both online and off line and also for electronic dictionaries.
  • A Multilingual – Tamil – Multilingual machinised translation software.
  • A Tamil specific search engine to search online and off line documents using any encoding.
  • Tamil specific keypad designs for mobile phones.
  • Tamil input and display software for mobile phones.

and more if only software students, professionals and bureaucrats of Tamilnadu focus on the needs of the local people than writing applications for a global client.

Reading and typing Tamil online and off line, Tamil blogs and aggregators are not milestones of Tamil computing !!! They are just localization of a global phenomenon called Internet.


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  2. Pragatheeswaran Avatar

    Dear Sir,
    Where can I get Free Tamil “Speech to text”software.I want to write a Tamil book.I want to pass onto the next generation what I know so that atleast afew persons can be benefited.