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Free websites to download Tamil Ebooks :

1. Noolaham Project aims to collect Tamil books and magazines from Eelam. This is a collaborative non-profit effort spearheaded by Tamil loving youth in SriLanka. It has 3000+ Tamil ebooks for download now and is actively growing. Most are scanned versions of the printed books as pdf files. You can also find text and audio versions for some books.

2. Project Madurai is online since 1998 and aims to digitise ancient Tamil literature. It has 400+ works online in PDF, TSCII and Unicode formats.

3. aims to add one Tamil e-book a day. It has around 1000 E-Books already. This work is done single handedly by Pollachi Nasan !!

Paid sites to download Tamil ebooks:

1. Sangapalagai – Tamil Magazine and Books online store.

2. Vikatan – Ebook store for Vikatan publications.

Do you know any other original repository for Tamil ebooks? Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Dr. Nagaraj Lakshamaiah Avatar
    Dr. Nagaraj Lakshamaiah

    Dear Mr. Ravi, Glad to find this website and learn about your yeoman service to Tamizh language. I’ll be obliged if you could send me an English translation e-copy or pdf copy of Kaviarasu Kannadasan’s ‘Arthamullah Hindu Madham’ or even a link from where I can possibly download the same. I am a non-tamizh but I am too passionate towards the language. Thank you very much.
    Dr. Nagaraj Lakshmaiah
    [email protected].

  2. Rajanand Avatar

    All Tamil books are Available in pdf for free download here
    Tamil Pdf Free