Tamil Text to Speech software tools

List of Tamil Text to Speech synthesizer tools. All these software can be downloaded or used for free:

1. Tamil Text to Speech tool from MILE lab, IISc – This converter is a recent invention by Dr. A. G. Ramakrishnan and his group. Kudos for them. The converter is in beta stage and exceeded my expectation in its quality.

2. Dhvani – The conversion quality is not as good as software from MILE lab, IISc. But Dhvani is a free software for Linux that can be used offline and provides support for many Indian languages.

3. eSpeak – A free speech synthesizer for many Indian languages. You can watch an inspiring story of a government blind school benefiting from this software.

4. Auvai Text to speech converter from Gopi – This tool by Gopi is still in development. I expect it to be a promising one considering Gopi’s other tools. I am linking it here so that interested people can work together.

If the current alpha level technology grows, it can be useful for everyone including the blind people. Do you any other tool for text to speech conversion that works for Tamil and Indian languages in general?


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  1. please details given

  2. S Krupa Shankar Avatar
    S Krupa Shankar


    1. Hi Krupa, thanks for informing about eSpeak. I have added it to the list with an inspiring video.

      1. S Krupa Shankar Avatar
        S Krupa Shankar

        Hi Ravi, thanks. I was not aware about the Malayalam support. I worked on implementing Tamil support in eSpeak… hee hee… meaning… by just testing and giving feedback… nothing more. but I was not able to continue due to other commitments.

        Actually, I have also come across another tool developed by the systems lab in Guindy IIT. I also came to know from the professor who was heading the research that it is being used in Chennai for helping the visually impaired people to learn operating a computer. Their lab was amazing with lots of interesting softwares which are very much relevant to language computing (specific to India).

        The source seems to be available in sourceforge: http://imli.sf.net

  3. Dear Ramakirshnan,
    please let me know about the TAMIL speech to TEXT software..

  4. I want Tamil Samsung safitware

  5. Hi, I used the eSpeek. But the speech is not clear (ie) like Very robotic. So if you know how to tune it then, Please let me know. Thank you
    by JK